Colette Lee Productions


Lyna Maridakis

Assistant, Colette Lee Inc.

Lyna Maridakis has a degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising from Nassau Community College. Lyna provides energy and enthusiasm in every project she is given. Lyna’s hard work and dedication has helped Colette Lee Inc. productions to run smoothly and effortlessly. Lyna is very detail oriented and she is able to come up with quick solutions to problems that arise. Her commitment to each task she is given has made her a viable part of the Colette Lee Inc. family as she has always been reliable and trustworthy.

Lyna had proven to be an integral part of the success of Colette Lee Inc.’s fashion show in 2011 at the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach. Lyna has worked with companies like Gucci and Carolina Herrera and she brings invaluable experience to all Colette Lee Inc. events.