Colette Lee Productions


Colette Lee Morales

Founder, Colette Lee Inc.

Colette’s passion teaches us that boundaries are only placed before us to show how much further we can push our minds beyond such borders that most rely on for comfort and safety;  that it isn’t until you penetrate such boundaries that you truly “create.”

Colette began her creative journey with hairstyling in 2002 where she was able to utilize her talents with shears to transform her clients into the red-carpet looks they admired.  She quickly developed a following for her ability to understand her clients’ requests, and for reaching beyond their words to pull from their core desire- that each person wants to feel and look beautiful.  It was only a few short years later that Colette’s fervor led her to putting her hairstyling prowess to use as a charitable function.

In 2005, Colette began her career producing events through her non-profit organization, Unite In Fashion, Inc.  With Unite, Colette was able to create entertaining events by employing the likes of local artists, designers, models, musicians and various other local entrepreneurs.  Colette’s passion to produce high-energy events led her to establish Colette Lee Inc., where she has been able to further enhance all prior successes made through the former, Unite in Fashion, Inc.  Colette continues to push herself and her staff to think outside the box when undertaking projects.

With close to a decade of event production experience, Colette Lee Morales has developed a sharp eye for how to create events that are innovative, entertaining and most importantly, educational.  Through such endeavors, Colette has earned an alluring reputation amongst her peers throughout New York City and Long Island.  Colette’s relentless efforts to give back to her community have catapulted her into becoming one of New York’s finest event producers.